Pecorino Foglie Noci – Sheep’s milk cheese in walnut leaves

$45.31 - 400 gr

$45.31 – 100 gr

Cheese with white crumbly and grainy texture, properly soft in the mouth, flavour of sheep’s milk, not strong, aftertaste of walnut leaves.

This is a pre-order cheese and waiting period to receive it is approximately 2 weeks.

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After obtaining curd from processing pasteurized sheep’s milk and adding calf rennet and live Cheese cultures, the curd is collected into moulds. After that, it is subjected to a dry-salting procedure in specially arranged environment, which allows the secondary syneresis, thus reaching the first maturation. The cheese matured at first in huge wooden basins after having rubbed each individual whole cheese with extravirgin olive oil and having covered them with walnut leaves in layers. After that, the last step is carried out in terra cotta jars in a particular natural setting.


Please consider that when ordering pieces, the size of each piece can have a slight variation.

Since you will be paying per gram price, please consider that there may be minimal variation, usually of around 10-20 grams. If there are any larger modifications in grams we will contact you to advise you before shipping the product to you.

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400 gr


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