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Want to build an impressive charcuterie board at home? You only need some of our top quality authentic cured meats and artisan cheeses, a bit of creativity, a cutting board/wooden board and you are set. Let’s get started!

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The Bunet, very good dessert born in Turin

The bunet (or bonet, using the traditional spelling) is a typical ancient dessert of Piedmont, specially in Torino (Turin). It is a dark pudding, of the same family of the crème caramel desserts, and it was already diffused in the 13th century’s court banquets. Its name…

Organic Green Pesto

Organic Sauces: tomato, vegetables and pesto. If you’re looking for an undeniably delicious sauces that are also certified organic, our selection is what you’ve been searching for. Vegetables naturally grown on organical fields combined with artisan transformation are two guarantees that confirm these products are top…

Risotto with nuts and “4 Case Lard”

Risotto with nuts and “4 Case Lard” Ingredients for 4 persons: Carnaroli rice: 320 gr walnuts: 50 gr almonds: 20 gr pine nuts: 20 gr pistachio nuts: 20 gr Parmesan Cheese: 150 gr 4 Case lard: 200 gr vegetable soup: 400 gr shallot: 100 gr white…

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