Our Cheese Suppliers

Guffanti Formaggi

Masterfully refined cheeses. The company selects numerous types of cheeses to be aged and refined in ideal humidity on wooden shelves in Guffanti’s centuries old cheese cave. This results in some of the world’s most valued and exceptional cheese products. Maximum attention to the handcrafted quality of the cheeses and passionate care taken in the refinement process mark the proud Guffanti Fiori family tradition handed, down for five generations. Experience gained by processing the Gorgonzola has gradually been transferred to the Tomas of the Ossola Alpine pastures, the Reggiano Parmesan, all the cheeses, Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese. At the origin of it all, an old abandoned silver mine, that at a certain point, began to produce another precious good, one derived from milk. Find out more about Guffanti Formaggi here.

Rognoni Umberto

Meticulous selection and refining of cheeses. An Italian story that began 100 years ago. Luigi Rognoni was a retired primary school teacher who decided to dedicate his life to a basic, yet very important, food staple in the Italian cuisine: cheese. He soon became one of the great experts in the aging of dairy products, with his cheeses being highly sought after. Find out more about Rognoni Umberto here.

Caseificio Maldera

Authentic burrata from Puglia. The product texture and taste are unmistakable. The ingredient quality, along with traditional recipes that were carried over for decades, make Caseificia Maldera burrata a truly unique product. Find out more about Caseificio Maldera here.

Ponte Reale

DOP buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania. Ponte Reale is the first, and currently only one, to value the production of DOP organic buffalo milk mozzarella. This high quality product has become, over time, the true pride of the company.Find out more about Caseificio Maldera here.

Mauri Formaggi

Fresh Italian milk. Only fresh. Only Italian. Mauri Formaggi have been crafting fine cheese in Lombardy, in Italy’s north, for the past 100 years. They blend modern production techniques with age-old maturation in the nearby Valsassina caves. Find out more about Mauri Formaggi here.


Caseificio Dell’alta Langa

Goat’s milk, sheep’s milk robiola cheese. The search for local recipes, expert use of technology, the best possible raw materials, and decades of experience in the art of cheese craftsmanship are the fundamentals in the creation of Caseificia cheeses. Find out more about Caseificio Dell’alta Langa here.


Caseificio Preziosa

Top quality handmade mozzarella for pizza. Pride in workmanship and attention to detail, coupled with a passion for cheese places Merrarella di Seriate amongst the best producers of mozzarella in the world. “Mozzarella di Seriate” is a brand synonymous of quality, delicacy and worthy of the title, “Made in Italy”. Find out more about Caseificio Preziosa here.

Le Fattorie Fiandino

Taste, passion and tradition. Vegetable rennet cheeses. The Eiandings, believes in the family heritage of milk, and have dedicated a complete vegetable rennet line. With different ageing and flavours, Tomas and the Kinara® not only enrich our tables with a healthy and genuine product, they become excellent ingredients for dishes of chefs, bakers and gelato makers. Find out more about Le Fattorie Fiandino here.

Romagna Terre®

Handmade masterpieces. World award winning cheeses. We have an incredible place where high quality raw materials turn into unimaginable treats. The cheeses are kept in beech wood boxes for a very long time, where perfumed flowers and spices preserve the softness of the crusts and grant unique aromas to these masterpieces. Find out more about Romagna Terre here.

Our Cured Meat Suppliers

La Prudencia

Spanish hams from the company that controls all processes of production.The hams, shoulders and cold cuts are cured in the company’s own drying facilities and natural cellars in the middle of the mountains. It is the climate and the geographical conditions of the mountains, along with the low salt content of their products, that are fundamental components of the process. By utilizing the most modern technologies, combined with traditional manufacturing methods, La Prudencia produces excellent Serrano ham, which is cured in the mountainous regions of the Spanish Sierra. This type of ham, which is made from the Iberian white breed of pig, is less dry and saltier than the Iberico and features a unique and distinctive flavour. Their black pork, “pata negra” is of top quality. La prucencia offers Iberian black pork, loins, chorizo salami and many other delicious, authentic Spanish products. Find out more about La Prudencia here.


Ambassador of Norcineria charcuterie. Working techniques honed over time results in top quality raw materials, careful curing, and diversification in meat seasoning. Eight hundred years of the Norcia tradition, taken up and passed down through four generations of the Renzini family. They are committed to maintaining its flavours unchanged over time. Find out more about Renzini here.


Borgo Dora

The best balance between quality and price. A family company started in Turin in 1971 and still a leader in the production of salami, fresh and cured meats. With a large product range that offers cooked hams, raw hams and salami, Borgo Dora offers specialties with an excellent integration between technology and respect for traditions. Find out more about Borgo Dora here.


Authentic, top quality Parma products. Gualerzi has been a producer of salami in the region of Parma since 1924 with a commitment to associate home-made tradition with the most advanced manufacturing technology. Constants controls along the entire production chain, from raw materials to finished products, guarantees the quality and the wholesomeness of the products. Find out more about Gualerzi here.

Gio Porro

Dry cured beef of top quality. Zero gluten, lactose, sugars and nitrates. Gio Porro is a family company from Valtellina, Italy, well known for its traditional bresaola production in Italy. In order to differentiate themselves, the company decided to embark on a journey to enhance 3 different products capable of unleashing taste sensations never experienced before; Bresaola Rosè, Angus and Wagyu. Find out more about Gio Porro here.


Value and taste, with 150 years of history to accompany new flavours A true story of good taste together with recipes from a hundred years ago. Unmistakable flavors and aromas of the past. Maletti began in Casinalbo, on the outskirts of Modena, at the end of the 19th century. From a small laboratory it grew to the point that their products are now distributed to some of the best delicatessens in Europe. Find out more about Maletti here.

L’Artigiano della Nduja

Spicy flavour. Typical product from Calabria. A family-run company from Spilinga Calabria, L’Artigiano della Nduja is the result of a long awaited project that was initiated in 2004. The company and its founder believe that it is essential to guarantee the originality and authenticity of their products. From this dream a vision materialized that lead to high quality meat products. Find out more about L’Artigiano della Nduja here.

Our Fish Suppliers


Original bottarga from Sardinia. Smeralda, has taken the techniques and secrets from the centuries-old culture of Sardinia to bring you wonderful products steeped in tradition. Every day, research and dedication are poured into enhancing the island’s unique food. The quality of the sea and the traditions of Sardinia are embodied in every product. Find out more about Smeralda here.


The best of the Sicilian tradition. Authentic Sicilian anchovies. Carlino has the optimal climate for the seasoning of fish typical of southwestern Sicily. The exclusive use of fish from the Mediterranean basin makes their product stand out for its aroma and taste. Tradition and experience contribute to the quality of Carline, anchovies. Find out more about Carlino here.

Our Pantry Products Suppliers

Acetaia Castelli

Taste of time. IGP and DOP authentic, traditionally aged balsamic. Located in a renovated century old farmhouse, in the heart of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna. Acetaia Castelli produces exceptional balsamic vinegar, aged parmigiano reggiano, and other products of excellence. The Lotti family has been producing balsamic vinegar for generations and it is known as one of the best and most precious in the province. Find out more about Acetaia Castelli here.

Tartufi Truffle

Truffles grown in an uncontaminated area of Marche, Italy. T&C Truffles is one of the oldest truffle companies in Otaly, and certainly the oldest in Acqualagna, the world capital of truffles. Today T&C Truffles combines modern production techniques with manual control of the production cycle and a focus on top quality ingredients. The result is a portfolio of high-quality truffle products able to satisfy the most demanding palates. Find out more about Tartufi Truffle here.


Coffee roasters in Milan since 1970. 100% arabica espresso beans. A northern Italian company whose motto is “a story of taste.” Their history and experience in coffee bean selection and roasting delivers a fine Italian espresso. Varanini is a success story with a variety of top quality blends. Find out more about Varanini here.



Superior quality of authentic, IGP Tuscan and Italian extra virgin olive oil. TERRE NOSTRE produces 100% Italian traced, certified, controlled and delicious extra virgin olive oils. Each boasts an individual identity that tells the story of the farmer. Their olive growers are predominantly located in Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily and Calabria. They source the best olives, which enables them to produce a superior quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. Find out more about TERRE NOSTRE here.


Prized nuts. Naturally delicious. IGP Hazelnuts from Piemonte. Pariani is a family business that started its activity in 2010, mainly with the production of Hazelnut Oil made from “Nocciola Piemonte” P.G.I. hazelnuts. This oil had an immediate success and soon Pariani developed the whole range of oils obtained from Italian nuts. The Pariani range has been completed with semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry making like pure pastes, flours, grains, candied fruits, extracts and special ingredients. The company’s slogan, “Research and Excellence”, is reflected in their mission to create unusual ingredients and products to satisfy the most demanding palates, and to inspire creative recipes. Find out more about Pariani here.

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