Montasio DOP

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The most famous cheese from Friuli whose origins line in the Montasio alpine, but which is currently produced throughout the region and in a number of Veneto provinces.  The taste is sweet with traces of spices – depending on the aging period this intensity increases or decreases according to the length of ripening.

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A typical Friuli recipe for Montasio is called Frico – pieces of cheese and other ingredients, such as slices of apple, are fried together in a frying pan.

Montasio cheese comes in varieties – there is also a fresh version, ripened for between two-four months and one ripened for between six months and one year.

Serving suggestions:  Full bodied, red wines. Chestnut honey, hot fruit chutney. Fresh, slight under-ripe fruit (apples, Passacrassana pears). Rye bread

Production method: artisan

Salting: in brine

Ripening: at least 2 months

Fats: 40% M.F

Producers: dairies belonging to the Montasio production and protection Consortium


Please consider that when ordering pieces, the size of each piece can have a slight variation.

Since you will be paying per gram price, please consider that there may be minimal variation, usually of around 10-20 grams. If there are any larger modifications in grams we will contact you to advise you before shipping the product to you.

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