Toscan PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml


This is an original IGP Tuscan extra virgin olive oil produced, in limited quantity, on the hills of Montalbano. With intense fruity, yet pleasant bitter and spicy sensation, this versatile extra virgin olive oil can be used on a variety of finishing touches.


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Fore more than 50 years the growers of the cooperative produce, with renewed passion, an excellent extra virgin olive oil. They comply with all parts of a Product Specification, which regulates the whole chain; from caring for the plants and the land where they are grown, to exclusive hand picking, transport to the mill and packaging.

The quality of the product is certified by laboratory analysis and organoleptic evaluation carried out in the company and by “Consorzio dell’olio Toscano IGP” (certification body) in order to get Tuscan PGI certification.

Composition: superior category olive oil obtained from olives and solely by mechanical means, produced and bottled in Tuscany exclusively from Tuscan olives, cultivated in the protected geographical indication area “Montalbano”;

Production area: Tuscany, Montalbano PGI area;

Cultivation Techniques: by Integrated Farming, which is an agricultural practice aiming to develop environmental care and food safety reducing agrochemicals;

Crop season: October – December;

Olives Varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino, Rossellino and Piangente according to Tuscan PGI Disciplinary.


Store closed in a cool dry place away from heat source and direct sunlight. This is exclusively a natural product; at low temperatures precipitation may occur. The product gets clear again if exposed at room temperature.


Aspect: clear;
Colour: light green with golden notes;
Aroma: intense fruity reminding artichokes, almonds, other ripe fruits and green grass;
Flavour: intense fruity with pleasant bitter and spicy sensation;
Acidity: below  0,5% (TUSCAN PGI FROM MONTALBANO production specification limit 0,5%);

Use: it is ideal for all types of cooking. However, it best expresses its distinct organoleptic qualities when used raw on dishes like vegetables and legume soups, salads, roasted meat and on the classic Tuscan “bruschetta”.


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