Sila Provola Calabrese


This artisan made cheese has a compact, elastic, yellow inner paste with very few holes. It has a sweet and intense taste.

‘Provola’, or ‘provolone’ derive from the word ‘prova’ (test) – the sample of curd that was immersed in water to establish if the latter was hot enough for stringing out the paste. Unlike its name suggests, this cheese is produced many southern Italian regions.


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Made from whole pasteurized cow milk.

Serving suggestions: It is usually served with either white or red wines, red tomato preserve, and “ciabatta” bread.

Production method: artisan

Salting: in brine

Ripening: minimum 15 days

Fats: 38% M.F

Average size of the wheel: between 0.900 kg – 1.1 kg

Producers: southern Italian dairies


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