Jamon Iberico Bellota Bone-In


Weight per piece: between 8-9 kg

100% Acorn fed. This is one of the ultimate delicacies in the culinary world, Spain’s Iberico ham has taken the food world by storm. Thanks to the most modern technology combined with traditional craftsmanship, La Prudencia produces excellent Serrano and Iberico hams, matured in the mountain areas of the Spanish sierra since 1910. Their product stand out for their unique and particular flavor.


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The large, fat hogs with their characteristic black hoofs (known as pata negra), have a privileged genetic profile that delivers a fattier, sweeter meat than any other. The large, heavy hogs are raised in Zafra, Extremadura, the pigs live in liberty and in perfect harmony and are integrated into the ecosystem. Daily consuming of around 9 kg of acorn these pigs fatten to more than 90 kg in three months, arriving to a total weight of 180 kg. Later going on to a time-honored, carefully supervised curing and salting process, the result is a ham that is mouthwateringly oily, sweet and unlike any other. This hefty ham comes from the hind leg, with the bone in.


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Weight 9 kg


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