Iberian Chorizo Bellota Pre-Sliced – Pata Negra 100 gr


This traditional Spanish salami Chorizo Bellota, is made in a beautiful artisanal way using the most prestigious black pork, pata negra from Spain. Seasoned to perfection, thick and flavorful, this chorizo goes perfectly with a platter of cheeses and meats

Our selection favors a traditional and quality product, coming from Estremadura an ideal context for an excellent seasoning process.

Weight per piece: 100 gr

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The classic Spanish smoked, dry-cured sausage gets an extra dose of luxury. It’s made from the legendary Iberico breed of Pata Negra pigs, a breed famous for its high quality intramuscular fat, which makes the meat prized for its buttery, melt-in-the-mouth flavor and texture. With a great flavor and amazing texture, this is a top notch Spanish chorizo.

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