Mixed Cheese with Black Pepper


A tasty cheese with genuine ingredients – mixing of cow and sheep’s milk with the addition of black pepper. Black peppercorns are added directly to the curd.

The resulting flavour is distinctive and inimitable.

Appetizers, aperitifs, and first course dishes are perfect for this cheese.

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Ingredients: cow milk and sheep milk, black peppercorns

Aging period: minimum of 10 days

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: Full wheel 9 months from the production date

Storage temperature: in fridge from +2ºC to +6ºC


Please consider that when ordering a full wheel, the size of each wheel can vary slightly from one wheel to the other. Because our cheeses are artisan made, our producers cannot guarantee the exact size and weight of each wheel. This is why we are indicating a minimum variation in the size.

Since you will be paying per gram price, please consider that there may be minimal variation, usually of around 100 gramms. The price you will pay is for the actual weight of each wheel. This means that if the weight of the wheel you are ordering is 400 gr, the wheel that you will be receiving will have a minimum of 400 gr, however there is a possibility that you may receive up to 500 gr. The price you will pay is for the actual weight of the cheese.

Please note that this product has to be pre-ordered as it arrives directly from Italy.


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