Grana Padano DOP Cheese

$1,420.00 - approx

Approximate size of the wheel: 32 kg

One of the most recognized hard Italian cheeses!

A close cousin of the Parmesan cheese, Grana Padano, when produced with the appropriate care and ripened for at least two years, is a high quality product for use in cooking and as a table cheese.


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Traditionally, Grana Padano is used shaved over pastas and salads, or used for other cooking purposes  Dry and hard due to its long aging, this Grana Padano (as the name suggests) has a granular texture that easily breaks into slivers.

This is a DOP product, so carries the certification of origin.


Please consider that when ordering a this cheese, you are purchasing a pre-cut portions of 300 grams each. The price you are paying for is for this fixed amount of cheese. Please note that a minimum variation in weight may occur (+- 10-15 grams)

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