Crescenza Stracchino Cheese 4 pc x 250g


4 pieces of 250 gr each piece; total 1 kg

Crescenza fresh cheese is a known Italian cow’s milk product, typical of the Northern Italy provinces including Lombardy, Veneto, Liguria. It’s consumed very young. It has no rind and its texture is extremely soft, creamy and delicate in flavour. Crescenza is also known as “Stracchino” another name used to recognize this superb, multi-use fresh Italian cheese.

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Stracchino is usually eaten on its own but is also as a filling for some kinds of bread or pasta or is commonly used as filling for piadina.

Production method: artisan

Ripening: none, this is a fresh cheese

Milk: cow

Fats: 40% M.F

Producers: artisan dairies in Lombardy

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Weight 1 kg


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