Caciocavallo Lucano Pace e Becce

$128.76 - 2 kg

$6.44 – 100 gr

Approximate size of wheel: between 2-2.2 kg.

This particular variety of Caciocavallo (considered the best and more noble example, defined by some as the Parmigiano Reggiano of the South) takes its name from the breed of cattle used for its production. The cows live in a free-range condition, feeding on strongly aromatic grasses such as wild fennel, liquorice and laurel bay whose perfumes are absorbed into the milk.

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This Caciocavallo necessitates a lengthy ripening period which can sometimes be prolonged for several (it is claimed, sometimes as long as twelve) years. All varieties of Caciocavallo cheese is ripened by hanging the forms roped together in pairs over a beam or a stick (a cavallo- on horseback) and it is this method that has given the cheese its name.

Serving suggestions: Red wines. Hot green tomato preserve. ‘Ciabatta’ bread.

Production method: artisan

Salting: dry

Ripening: at least 3 months

Fats: 38% M.F

Producers: Southern Italian dairies


Please consider that when ordering pieces, the size of each piece can have a slight variation.

Since you will be paying per gram price, please consider that there may be minimal variation, usually of around 10-20 grams. If there are any larger modifications in grams we will contact you to advise you before shipping the product to you.

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Weight 2 kg

2 kg


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