Buffalo Burrata DOP 125 gr

$169.00 - 12x125 gr

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An authentic Italian recipe handcrafted using 100% Italian buffalo milk sourced from Southern Italy. Creamy heart and indescribably delicious, this buffalo burrata ball has a rich and creamy, yet delicate milky taste that can satisfy even the best palates. It must be eaten as fresh as possible. This is an authentic Italian product imported every week directly from Italy.

This buffalo burrata is produced in the region on Campania, Italy – the original birthplace of this white gold!

This is an original product of superior quality from Italy.

Serving suggestions:

It is important to consume this fresh cheese at room temperature since it looses a much of its flavour when cold from the ‘fridge. It can be consumed alone, on a salad, pizza, panino, or with some fresh bread or accompanied with white wines, lagers, red tomato preserve or ‘schiacciata’ flat bread.

It’s aspect is very soft, compact and elastic, and when cut weeping with buffalo milk serum. Its taste is fresh with distinctive traces of buffalo milk.

Ingredients: whole, pasteurized buffalo milk, cream, salt, rennet

Aging period: fresh

Availability: all year round

Storage temperature: in fridge from +2ºC to +6ºC

Shelf life: you will have approximately 2 weeks to use up your buffalo burrata


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Weight 1.5 kg

Case- 12×125 gr


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