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  • Acetaia Castelli

    The company, located in a renovated century old farm-house, in the heart of the Italian region Emilia Romagna, is the home of the exceptional balsamic vinegar and other products of excellence including balsamic chocolate and balsamic jams. The Iotti family has been producing and againg balsamic vinegar for generations and is known as mone of the best and precious in the province. No chemicals, thickeners or colorants are used in their products, and they stick exclusively to barrel aged, authentic balsamic vinegar.

  • Altalanga Azienda Agricola

    Altalanga Azienda Agricola is an innovative project that links experienced agriculturalists with young entrepreneurs with the ambition to take on the challenge of the land. The company is located in the Langhe region, the area that offers the best hazelnuts in the world, known as "round and gentile". The products are still made according to old traditions, offering a complately natural product and even gluten free varieties.

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  • Arca Gualerzi

    In Langhirano, famous for its prosciutto and cured meats, Gualerzi has been producing cured meats since 1924, specifically deli meat of Parma’s gastronomic culture. Their products, Prosciutto di Parma, Coppa from Parma, Pancetta, and Culatello are prepared associating home-made tradition with the most advanced food-processing technology.

  • Borgo Dora

    Borgo Dora isone of Piemonte's most historical companies. Located in central Turin, the company produces cured and cooked meats of all kinds, and some of the most delicious sausages and cacciatore salami. Taste for Luxury is proud to import unique Borgo Dora products.

  • Caviar Giaveri

    Caviar Giaveri is the true expression of a thirty year passion for excellence in fish farming. It’s authentic and genuine, part of the Italian gastronomic culture that has discovered in this Russian tradition knowledge and folklore rich in history and devotion.

    Located in the province of Treviso, in Veneto the company is dynamic dedicated to producing and selling caviar, roe of Russian origin sturgeons.

    All of the company’s choices are based on one philosophy: uphold utmost respect for natural balance throughout the breeding phase and paying special attention to safeguard the species is the real way to guarantee a truly excellent caviar.

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  • IRIS Bio

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  • Lattebusche

    Lattebusche S.c.a. - Latteria della Vallata Feltrina is an Italian dairy company founded in 1954 in Busche di Cesiomaggiore.

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  • Luccini Mostarde

    Initiated in the year 2000 in Cremona, Italy from an idea of its founder Diego Luccini, the company has always carried in its hear the passion and love for family traditions. The mostarda produced accoring to the recipe of mamma Caterina is a delicacy - Luccini products use only fresh fruits and vegetables from the market and are appreciated for their characteristic flavour and authenticity.

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  • Luigi Guffanti 1876

    This historical refining, artisan cheese company was founded in 1876 by Luigi Guffanti. Today, Giovanni, the fifth generation of the Guffanti family continues the business initiated centuries ago.

    The company over the years, gradually became the reference point of conscious consumers in search of the unique varieties in the world of artisanal cheeses. The company undergoes a delicate process of search and selection of cheeses and the aging process of cheeses continues in their cheese caves located in Arona, Italy.

    Numerous types of cheeses, ruled by the skilled hands and surrounded by ideal humidity rest, age and refine on wooden shelves, offering exceptional, unique tastes found in varities of cheeses Luigi Guffanti offers.

  • Mariangela Prunotto

    Organic farming methods and artisan transformation of the fruit and vegetables: for years these have been two guarantees of a high quality product. In Alba, in the heart of Langa, the Prunotto Mariangela farm transforms its fresh fruit and vegetables into fruits into conserves, jams, and delicious sauces. The product is processed in accordance with artisanal methods and contain no chemicals or preservatives. Plus their farm is completely self-sufficient as they generate 100% sustainable energy!

  • Panetteria De Martini

    This small bakery started its activites in 1999, after nine years of experience under a master baker. 
    During these years Mauro, the owner of Panetteria De Martini, dedicated himself with great passion to produce bread, sweets and bread-sticks, choosing everytime the best and most genuine ingredients. 

    These results are visibly recognized: the Province of Turin has chosen this small artisan producer an an important project, inserting the "Panetteria Demartini" name as "Paniere dei Prodotti tipici" producer of "XX Winter Games - Turin 2006".  The most important sign of their success is the "Targa dell'Eccellenza Artigiana" prize won followed by the "Master of Taste prize" in 2006 - 2008 - 2010.

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  • Pariani

    Pariani is a family business that started its activity in 2010 with the production of an oil and a partially defatted flour from the very praised  “Nocciole Piemonte I.G.P.” hazelnuts through an innovative cold pressing process. The company’s slogan, “Research and Excellence”, attests its mission: to create unusual ingredients and products, to satisfy even the most demanding palates and to inspire creative recipes.

  • Pastificio Artigianale Carassai

    Located in the region of the Marche in Italy, Pastificio Artigianale Carassai is the natural evolution of an entrepreneurial adventure that the Carassai family undertook in 1850. Today this artisan factory is one of the best production plants of Campofilone egg pasta. Quality of raw materials, food safety of products, natural processing cycle, are all aspects that the company pursues throughout the processing chain: from bran milling to the production of Campofilone egg pasta.

  • Pedrazzoli Salumificio

    Since 1951, Salumificio Pedrazzoli is one of the few pork meat factories in Italy to be both producer and farmer. What makes Pedrazzoli stand out above all is that all of the farms are are owned by the Pedrazzoli family, guaranteeing a complate supply chain of their products. The whole chain is very closely controlled resulting in excellent quality products. Pedrazzoli Salumificio is a closed-loop company; breeding, slaughtering and processing are all effectively integrated activities. Quality control and familiarity with the raw ingredients used – starting with the breeding of the pigs – are linked closely to nature and the territory, to the people and know-how that have always been their strength.

  • Quattrociocchi

    Made according to family's traditional recipes, Americo Quattrociocchi's products are full of flavour. Passed along 3 generations the base of all marmalades are fresh, quality fruits grown on the family farm in Lazio. All fruits used are orginically grown with no added preservatives or chemicals. Using a slow, low temperature cooking method, all the products preserve the natural aroma and taste for fruits.

  • Rognoni Umberto

    Since 1913 in an old warehouse in Abbiategrasso, between the countryside and the city, between rurality and modernity, in the land which has been the dwelling place of agers, producers and breeders. We use touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing. There is no technology in the world which can do that for us.

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  • Romagna Terre

    Since 1985, our philosophy remains the same: constant research, limited production, maximum quality and total management on the product. The great love for our native land and the constant research for raw materials, allowed us to earn the respect and the confidence of the best professionals of the gastronomic branch, both national and international. The limited availability of any of our products represents their quality and the attention to detail to satisfy the faith of our evaluators and the most refined palates for those who search for excellence.

  • Sali del Mondo

    The company has a focus of searching the world for the rarest and naturally produced salts found in the most distant parts of the world. The company's vast offering of various types of salts satisfies both complex and simple dishes. From the distant Australian salt-works to the most secluded places in Iran and Peru, Sali del Mondo proved some of the most unique salts in order to satisfy the needs of the chefs across the country.

  • Salumificio Pavoncelli

    Salumificio Pavoncelli dates back to 1899. The company is located in Pescantina, near Verona, in the Norther Italy, very near the well-known Valpolicella region. This is when the first activities of the Pavoncelli family took place - Ernesto Pavoncelli opened a butcher shop with his work-laboratory in the early 1900s. In 1925, Ernesto Pavoncelli establishes Salumificio Pavoncelli which, in just a short of time, is able to produce all cured meats of Verona's age-old tradition. Today, the company’s factory is in the vanguard of the food sector specializing in the production of salamis and other cured meat products. The plant covers 10,000 squared metres and it strictly follows Italian and European regulations for its sector.

  • Smeralda

    The company began by processing mullet bottarga, a regional delicacy which has been made in Sardinia since ancient times. From the very start, the goal which the company set was to preserve the value of the quality and integrity of traditions by specialising in the production of seafood products. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the fish industry, the company’s philosophy is built on the careful selection of the raw materials where innovation is combined with the respect for the techniques learned in the past and handed down to today.

  • Tartuflanghe

    Experience and passion are the foundation for being the best in the world for truffles. Tartuflanghe is active in both daily search for fresh Alba truffles and are considered masters of production of various truffle products. A great range of innovative products appealing for both gourmet fanatics and chefs!

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  • Varanini Caffe'

    A northern Italian company that represents its products under the motto “a story of taste”. This is because their history and experince in coffee bean selection and roasting of fine italian espresso is really a success story with a vartiey of blends the owners have created over the years of experience in the industry.

Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items