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Both producers and farmers

Since 1951, Salumificio Pedrazzoli is one of the few pork meat factories in Italy to be both producer and farmer. What makes Pedrazzoli stand out above all is that all of the farms are are owned by the Pedrazzoli family, guaranteeing a complate supply chain of their products. The whole chain is very closely controlled resulting in excellent quality products. Pedrazzoli Salumificio is a closed-loop company; breeding, slaughtering and processing are all effectively integrated activities. Quality control and familiarity with the raw ingredients used – starting with the breeding of the pigs – are linked closely to nature and the territory, to the people and know-how that have always been their strength.



From butchers and then workers in a pork meat factory to entrepreneurs. This is how the adventure of this family-run business has evolved. Before being the history of a company, ours is the history of a family – the Pedrazzoli family – whose the central theme, since the very earliest generations, has been the art of producing salamis production.

Salumificio Pedrazzoli was established in 1951 in the centre of San Giovanni del Dosso in the province of Mantua – an area renowned for its long-standing food and wine traditions – thanks to the family’s forefather Arnaldo Pedrazzoli, with the support of his wife and the help of his three sons.

Arnaldo was thus able to make his life’s dream come true: from being a worker in a pork meat factory, he became the owner of the butchery shop in the small village in the lower Mantua area and then owner of Salumificio Arnaldo Pedrazzoli, a family business dealing with slaughtering and processing of salamis.

However, it’s true “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and in fact, even Arnaldo’s father – known as Minghin (meaning skinny in local dialect) – was a pork butcher (mazin in dialect) and went from house to house slaughtering pigs and transforming them into salamis for patriarchal farming families.

Up to now, Arnaldo’s grandchildren and their children work in the family business, continuing the traditional activity that has always been linked to the production of salamis.

Pedrazzoli’s generations follow the family footsteps with the current company Chairman, Mauro Pedrazzoli, his cousin Stefano, their wives and their children, Emanuele and Elisa.



The exclusive use of natural casings gives to products of Salumificio Pedrazzoli a hand-made taste and allow a natural and not forced ripening time. Stuffed into natural casings and then tied by hand using jute twine, all our salamis evoke in their appearance and taste an unmistakable tradition. Furthermore, the slow cooking and hand sewing of the rinds are a characteristic of most of our cooked products. For the most, the production is made without molding as it is our intention to create products that reflect artisan quality, niche products that go beyond the logics of industry production.

Hand tyingTying


For Salumificio Pedrazzoli time is doubly important.

Tradition and experience is the important aspect for Pedrazzoli family, since all the processing of their pork meats start from there. This century-long experience, combined with the work of people who have been able to innovate, mark the exceptional nature of Salumificio Pedrazzoli products.

Time is important on another level: it is required and absolutely essential for the curing process, a time that becomes for their products a quality raw material, just like other ingredients used. In their world, every salami has its time to become delicious. Only through a long and unforced curing time, we rediscover the real time, authenticity and real taste.

The curing time of at least 5 months of their limited-production and numbered salamis makes these products really exclusive.


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